How do I take care of my La Camaleonica Earrings?
La Camaleonica earrings are handmade, that is why they are very delicate and you have to take meticulous care of the products.
You mustn't expose it directly to the sun for a long time.
-They have become dirty - to clean them you can use a damp piece of cloth and gently wipe the dirty part.
-The tassel has become tousled - many times we may put the earring in one place and press the tassel and it becomes tousled. The solution is simple, try to steam it and immediately the threads of the tassel will be smoothed. You can leave it hanging in the bathroom while you shower with hot water, and so the steam will smooth them. You can also dampen them a bit, place a cloth on top and gently iron them over.
-There is lint on the edge of the earring - With great care you can pass the lighter very quickly and away from the earring so that the heat removes the lint.

Refund or returns?
If you have questions about how the refund and return policies work, you can click here.


What materials are La Camaleonica's earrings made of?
Most materials are cotton or viscose threads. The handmade cabochons are made of polymer clay.
Finally, the pins are made of anti-allergic stainless steel, however, some items have the option of having a silver pin.

Where is my package?
At La Camaleonica we use the Packlink platform to optimise the process.
We use two providers; for standard shipments (6-15 business days) we use CORREOS ESPAÑA (www.Correos.es), and for express shipments (4-6 business days) we use UPS.
If you have any questions about the location of your package, you can directly enter either of these two pages using the tracking that you have received in your email.
If the page still presents problems, you can send an email to [email protected]

I'm not sure which earring to choose
If you need advice you can write to me and I will gladly help you choose.

Can I customize my order?
Yes, send me an email with your requirements and I will immediately answer you if it is feasible or not and we will proceed to the production of the earring. Remember, once the payment has been made, it can take up to 15 days for your custom earrings to leave us.