"La diabla" one of our TOP 5 handmade earring by La Camaleonica

La Camaleonica handmade jewellery is inspired by colours, cultural festivals and Andean symbols. All the jewellery I produce is 100% handmade, and, for the most part, inspired by my home in the Andes of Peru. 

One handmade earring, "The Diabla", with its curves and bright, confident colours is inspired by a traditional dance; "La Diablada". This dance, characterised by complex choreography and ornate masked and costumed dancers, represents a constant battle for supremacy between angels and demons, light and darkness. In the following pictures you can observe different stages of the manufacturing process:

I was inspired by "La Diablada" because memories of this dance bring to mind visions of flying, swirling colours, blending and separating in never-ending combinations as the dancers act out a battle between 'good' and 'evil'. I can remember how, as a child, the dancers would parade around the streets of my town bringing excitement and togetherness with them. For me, the colours and patterns of their costumes became synonymous with my home and my people.

With "The Diabla", I try to share with you a sample of the feeling these dancers instilled in me as a young girl, in the jewellery I make for you.

For the Camaleonicas that like to wear a little touch of colour, I made a very precious "mini" version.
As you can see, there is a great effort at work that is why I ask you to buy the original and support small companies like this one.
Below you can see some photos of the process, I hope you enjoy it.

Inspiration : "La diablada" cultural festival dance - Peru

First prototype

Selection of colours


Diabla & Mini Diablita


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